Speaking of breaking rules, this bike wrote the book. Inspired by the idea that a bike should feel as if it was built around the rider and not vice versa, Townie’s innovative —and often imitated—riding position was born. We rotated the traditional road bike riding position backwards 23 degrees for an ergonomic, upright, forward-pedaling ride. This unique crosspollination of performance and comfort offers just enough power and none of the upper body kinks associated with a hunched over riding position. And no more tippy-toe stops. From Townie patent-pending frame geometry came an entirely novel concept in riding called Flat Foot Technology. Now, feet can rest flat on the ground while seated in the saddle.

Start with Townie signature lightweight aluminum frame, high-end componentry and meticulous craftsmanship, then personalize, personalize, personalize. From the high-performance Sport, to the functional commuter Euro, to the all-playful Balloon, Holiday and Originals— there’s a Townie for all roads and riders.