Grow up and listen up, slow down and hurry up, ea t square and sit still —be in g a kid isn’t easy. Luckily, riding an Electra kids’ bike is. The breeze, the freedom, the unspoken right to high-tail it through a mud puddle —it ’s pure escapism and a rite of passage we honor with kid-friendly specs and accessories. Electra’s Flat Foot Technology ® on all 20” bikes ensures a flat-foot stop and proper leg extension while riding. Specially designed kid-sized saddles, handlebars and grips guarantee perfect fit and our unique frame design offers the adjustability to accommodate major growth spurts. All t his adds up to a virtually whine-free ride.

Some perks for pa rents: long-lasting, rustproof stainless steel hardware; alloy rims and front hub s; and thud- resistant steel chain guards and fenders. From the 16” Cruisers (with removable training wheels) to the 20” mod el s, the thrill of riding an Electra can start way before the first kiss.