Finikas Executive Bikes was created in 1991 in New Smirni, Athens by Dimitris Arvanitopoulos. It opened on 175 El. Venizelou St. the main commercial road of the area. Mr. Arvanitopoulos’ love for quality and innovative bike design sparks inside from a young age. Growing up, he made a resolution to bring the Greek public closer to those strange – for that period – bikes and change the way the bicycle commerce was conducted until then.

Born and raised in New Smirni, he easily foresaw the local community’s interest for something new, and his commercial instincts combined with his extended experience in cycling led to create this new store. Named Finikas after the huge palm tree that stand tall in from the store until today, and to emphasize the uniqueness of his bikes, the logo Executive Bikes was created. The bikes quality and design won the interest of people from all over Athens and it is still keeping it to the maximum.

Every year, the El. Venizelou store kept growing and growing, and it was filled with the most impressive and innovative unique selections globally. Mr. Arvanitopoulos personal contact and care to the customers was always aiming to the absolute satisfaction of the rider, giving every new owner a bike that was fitting “like a shoe” to his taste, personality and expectations.

Through the greatest exhibitions our the world, Finikas Executive Bikes has weighed out the top protagonist companies in the global market starting with the purchase of GT bicycles. Then came Cannondale which is the elite of all bicycle builders, followed by Specialized and Giant. All these bicycles filled the store month after month.

In 2002, in the Global Exhibition of Germany, mr. Arvanitopoulos met for the first time the American company Electra. The new lines that Electra brought in the industry combined with the complete rotation of the rider’s position were a evolution which is still copied and copied by smaller companies. Since then Finikas Executive Bikes has made it the centerpiece of its bikes, with a view to make the Greek market familiar to this new, relaxed way of riding, which was combined with ground-breaking design and unmatching quality.

At first, he collaborated with the biggest importers in order to bring his vision of Electra in Greece. In 2009, in association with Cl. Theotokis they brought exclusively the Electra Company to the Greek market.

Finikas Executive Bikes is constantly expanding to South Greece and is the leading retail Electra distributor nationally.

The company’s head office remains in the El. Venizelou store, with continuous expansions and renovations in order to keep up with growing needs of its customers and riders, but above all to service the dream of always bringing the best new rides to you.