Inspired by classic European hand built bicycles, this stylish new arrival answers the “What can I ride every day?”question. Named for an Italian-influenced area of Switzerland, Ticino’s vintage design aesthetic, craftsmanship and frame integrity were inspired by the durable touring bikes ridden throughout the region.

It’s the classic-era diamond frame bike, fine -tuned for comfort no longer found in today’s twitchy frames. Stylistically, Ticino picks up where bike builders of the '40s and '50 s left off, but embodies Electra’s strict performance standards. Add period-piece components — retro- style hubs, cranksets, chainrings, tourist handlebars, brake levers, forks, pedals and rims —for a classic ride that ’s as modern as modern gets.

Fast-rolling 700c wheels complement a host of drive-trains, from a single-speed all the way up to a 20-speed. Upgrade, customize or accessorize your ride for all types of cross-city spins, office commutes or weekend wanderings.