We’re serious about beauty. We believe it ’s something to be seen and felt. We think nothing is more disappointing than to fall in love with something beautiful only to discover it acts ugly, feels ugly or rides ugly. Seventeen years ago, we were seduced by the curvy, iconic cruisers gracing America’s boardwalks and beach towns. But despite looking hot, they were clunky and cramped. So began our quest for a cruiser as fun to look at as it is to ride. We reconfigured the classic cruiser’s cramped geometry originally designed for children, extended the frames, moved the pedals forward, relaxed the seat tube angle, added an ergonomic bend to the handlebars and gave the entire body breathing room. With our upright and slight forward- pedaling riding position, arms, legs, back and neck settle into ergonomic ahhhh, making for a beautifully smooth and nimble ride.

Beauty comes in steel or aluminum; accessorized or streamlined; single or multiple gear; performance or play: and every color in the eye-candy rainbow. You decide. It’s your Way to Roll.