Our passion for bicycles doesn’ t stop at the bicycle. Our parts and accessories undergo equal design scrutiny and near obsessive attention to detail. Which means we’re producing some of the most unique and extraordinary bicycle parts and accessories available. True, our bikes are nicely outfitted to begin with, but why not show case your personal style at every turn? Why not an extra bell or whistle, an upgraded component, more gearing options, a jersey to advertise your allegiance to cutting-edge style? From functional to frivolous, casual to custom, each Electra accessory has been designed to complement and seamlessly integrate in to Cruisers, Amsterdams, Townies and our new Ticinos. Electra proudly partners with some of the world’s best manufacturers and combines exclusive, proprietary designs with only the highest quality materials and workmanship. The result ? See for your self at an authorized Electra retailer or explore your options on electrabike.com